In the spring of 2003, I signed up for a scuba diving course because I’ve always loved the water and considered it to be a checklist of life activity. Who knew that adventure would lead me to meeting the love of my life?

My scuba partner over the next eight weeks happened to be my husband’s close friend (and our eventual best man) nicknamed Scuba Mike. My “future husband” was supposed to be in the class, but dropped out the day before. It’s funny how life will eventually connect you with the right person. I didn’t actually meet my husband until Labor Day, when Scuba Mike brought him to a BBQ I was hosting.


Ryan walked into the gathering and he struck me as…nice. I enjoyed talking with him, but that was it. Ryan had other ideas and from that point on, came up with a plan to make sure our paths crossed again.


Needless to say, it worked and we’ve been happily married for 13 years. Looking back, I remember at that time I was a matchmaker, yet I was not focused on matching myself. Our relationship started off slow and steady. It was over months of dating that I learned to value how much Ryan’s calm demeanor was an anchor to my high energy. How his consistency and follow-through made me feel safe. How his positive outlook on life mirrored my own.


And, the biggest surprise was just how easy it was from the beginning. We didn’t have to work hard at our relationship or struggle. It flowed naturally and I didn’t feel anxious about our future. When it came time to take the next step, it just made sense. Three children and a very full life later, I’m grateful that I realized how important it is to trust that the right person will find you, sometimes when you least expect it!