Dating Red Flags!



When I talk to people about their failed or failing relationships, I ask, “Were there any red flags at the beginning?” The answer is almost always yes. When red flags present themselves, it’s only a matter of time before you see more of this negative behavior. If you ignore the five red flags below, then you’ll probably regret it later:

1) Plateauing

If someone calls you maybe once a week or month to go out, and you’ve been dating for months, then this signals that they are not looking to deepen things with you. A good relationship trajectory should be increasing time together over the course of weeks/months. If the relationship plateaus or peters out, then you know that it isn’t a good long-term bet for love.

2) Late Night Texting/Calling Only

If someone only texts or calls after 10 p.m., asking you to come over and “hang out”— this is a sign that you’re just a bed warmer. A man that wants to have a relationship with you will spend more time with you — during the day, dinner, and on the weekends. If you’re the late night girl, pay attention, and move on if this isn’t what you want.

3) Abnormally Guarding Their Phone

If someone takes their phone with them to the bathroom after months of dating and sleeps with it in their pocket, it might mean that they’re dating others as well. If someone is too protective of their phone, it is most likely because there is something to hide.

4) Lying

If you catch your partner lying, it is a red flag. Lies are like cockroaches — when you discover one, there are usually 100 more hidden under a rock.

5) Rolling Their Eyes At You

If someone demeans you, belittles you in public, or rolls their eyes at you — it means that they view you with contempt and hostility. If this happens, then this is definitely a red flag. They aren’t worth your attention or time.

There are many red flags to be aware of, and the most important thing you can do is to trust your gut. If your intuition says something is wrong, it most likely is. At that point, you should either address the problem or consider walking away if you don’t like the answer.

Bela Gandhi