Can we make Valentine's Day heartwarming again?


Valentine's Day...oh boy. 

According to the National Retail Federation, we cumulatively spend $20 billion for this holiday - around $150 per person! It's easy for some to start feeling like Valentine's Day costs more money - and stress - than it's worth. But we're going to take a stand for Valentine's Day and prove that you can make it the most heartwarming day of the year. (Yes, really.) 

Here's our tips on how to re-capture the spirit of Valentine's Day, whether you're single or in a relationship!

If you're seeing someone special...

  • Don't ignore it. Even if the relationship feels new, acknowledging your date with a little something creates genuine warmth. No need to break the bank in this scenario though - keep it light and casual!

  • Known someone for a bit of time by now? This is an exciting opportunity to gift them something meaningful! If they love the Bulls or Blackhawks, get two tickets (gifting a shared experience makes for great shared memories), or take the time to bake that strawberry cake that you know they love. Trust us - putting thought into Valentine's Day actually makes it more fun than if you treat it like an obligatory errand to pick up generic drugstore chocolates.

  • Focus on showing appreciation today, and leave the "self-help" gifts out of the picture. Gym memberships, workout videos, style guides, books on "Getting Your Life Together" are great and all, but if there's any day to leave the corrections and criticisms to their mother, this would be it!

Single? There's plenty of fun to be shared, and love to be given and received - and you can be the one to get the ball rolling:

  • Grab your pals and celebrate the friendships that give your life so much warmth! And why leave gift-giving to the couples? Honestly, you probably know each other better than any new relationship prospect would - put together grab bags with all the stuff you always wanted, and make sure everyone leaves with something great.

  • Love yourself right. Seriously. Whether you've been eyeing that new outfit or craving a Thai massage, get it for yourself and soak in the self-love.

  • Give love! Loving people should be something we all seek to do more - so why not on this day of celebration? Volunteer for a charity that warms your heart; help an elderly family member fix something in their house, and visit that friend in the hospital. 


Josh Neimark