Stephanie & Ron


He is a keeper!


“The process of working with Smart Dating Academy to find a life partner was amazing for me! Bela has assembled an amazing process that helped me by clarifying who I wanted as a partner, creating excellent photos and profile, and introducing me to my amazing coach Lindsay, who provided ongoing support to be myself in the vulnerable process of online dating. She helped me be sure in communicating the "no ways" and was a witness to the feeling that Ron is a keeper! I think an important step was your process of letting my identified "besties" - close family and friends - shape the process of identifying characteristics of a "right for me" partner; consequently they celebrated with us at our wedding.

For those of you feeling anxious about online dating, I hope this helps: Ron and I were in the same hotel in Rio de Janeiro years ago and did not meet. We also did not meet when crossing paths in Doha Qatar. We have many common interests, but never met face to face. Our first date had amazing chemistry, which has only grown over time.”

Josh Neimark