Laura and Jeff


Laura & Jeff


I had spent years on and off online dating and wasted money on matchmakers who set me up with random men with whom I had nothing in common.


When I heard Bela speak during an online dating seminar, I knew things could be different. I’d never had so many messages on Match as I did once my professional photos went up. Lindsay taught me how to date smart, keep an open mind, and know when to move along.


I think the most eye-opening exercise during the initial meeting with Bela and Lindsay was writing down the characteristics of the people in my life who make me feel like my best self. I realized that I’d been holding onto the wrong men in the past and after that I set the bar high.


I went on dates with many interesting men and was actually enjoying the process.

Just as my dating membership with Bela was ending, I ended a short-term relationship with someone that I realized was not right for me (PS Lindsay was advising me on the red and yellow flags along the way that I was known to ignore in the past). Even though I was now dating on my own, I still had my amazing online profile and all of Lindsay’s dating advice in my head. Bela had made me confident that my man was out there.


One month later I met the man of my dreams on Match.


I have never felt so loved, supported, and heard as I do in this relationship.


We’ve been together for almost 2 years and are planning to make it a lifetime.

Bela Gandhi