Kristy & Greg


After my husband passed away from an illness, I didn’t date or think about dating for a year.

When I finally opened myself up, the wrong man came along (a textbook narcissist) - someone I had known from our school days. Because I knew this man before we dated and it ended up being such a disaster, I was very hesitant to “get back out there.” I was especially skeptical of online dating.


My friend told me about Smart Dating Academy, and I knew that this was what I needed to build my confidence, teach me the skills to navigate "good vs. bad" guys, and use online dating the right way.


I flew to Chicago from Alabama, and had an amazing visit.

Bela, Lindsay and their team taught me the skills needed to navigate this world. They were so insightful, helpful, and encouraging during my trip to Chicago, and then during all of my phone coaching sessions afterward.


A few months into the process, a man popped into my inbox on Match (Greg), and we met for lunch.

Our conversation flowed and was fun. Greg was easy going and I enjoyed being around him. I could tell he was smart. He was thoughtful. He brought me flowers on our first dinner date.


I took him to a formal event and he met a lot of my husband’s friends and he fit in well.


I look forward to seeing him and he looks forward to seeing me.


He’s still so thoughtful, respectful, a real gentleman.


We’ve traveled together and it was easy too. I’m a terrible packer for trips and it takes me forever to get out of the house. He just rolls with it.


I’m happy to say I have found a GREAT guy and am in such a fulfilling and healthy relationship now. Happy and having the best time!

Bela Gandhi