Donya & Don


“I found love on Tinder at age 51, because of Smart Dating Academy!!”

Donya Tinder Pic.jpg

I did not start dating until I was 40 years old

due to some abuse in my childhood that I did not begin dealing with until I was 30. Also, I had been overweight my entire life and been told by multiple people, even my dad that I would probably never marry.

Tinder Profile Pic 3.jpg

I decided to do something.

I started working out 6-7 days a week and eating clean 90% of the time. I lost 70 lbs and had a new lease on life (even jumped out of this plane)!

Disney Birthday Photo.jpg

I had always heard that Tinder was a hook up dating site and was very shallow because it was only looks based.

I was watching Steve Harvey, and Bela came on talking about Tinder. I had watched Bela before and used her advice to create my dating profiles, etc. She mentioned that people had had success with the site.


That Friday, Oct 6th, 2017 I received my 1st text from Don on Tinder.  

1st Date.jpg

We went on our 1st date that Sunday.

This photo was the night before my 51st birthday when he asked me to be his girlfriend!

Engagement Photo.jpg

We fell in love and he proposed Valentine’s Day weekend of 2018.

Wedding Photo.jpg

We were married Aug, 03, 2018.

Here are some crazy facts. He turned 60 on Mar 30th, 2018 so I only missed the age by 5 months (I had just moved my age limit UP to 59 years old). Also, I was only 4 miles from the limit he had set on the # of miles he would travel.

Honeymoon Photo.jpg

We have a wonderful marriage and I am sooooooo happy and thankful!

Don & Donya Disney Photo.jpg

He is the most wonderful man in the world.

Thank you Bela & Steve!!!!

Bela Gandhi