Colleen & Vaibhav


One snowy January evening

“I tagged along with a girlfriend to a networking event where Bela was the keynote speaker. She introduced the notion of bringing “Vacation You” to dates, and this new mindset rocked my world for the better.”


“Fast forward a year later — I’m still single, I just wrapped up a client project physically tying me to Chicago, and my landlord’s given me notice that she’s selling the apartment I’m renting. Instead of a panic attack, I saw an opportunity — I decided to put everything in storage and work/play in Europe for the summer. With this new lease on life (and for once truly not caring if anyone I dated became my boyfriend), ‘Vacation Colleen’ was finally fully present.”


"Lo and behold, the very next guy I met with this new outlook is now my husband. Despite me telling him I had a one-way ticket to Rome in a few months, we decided to dive in head first and see if this was real."


"I still went to Europe on my solo journey, but our relationship made me book a return ticket home. We got married exactly one year after meeting. After exchanging vows at the court house, we celebrated with our immediate family by recreating our first date."


"What a difference a year (and a mindset) can make. Bela’s nugget of wisdom stuck with me, and I now think about how to incorporate “Vacation Colleen” into more than just dating."


"As the founder of The Crew Consultants, Colleen helps creative entrepreneurs make smarter, more informed business decisions."

Bela Gandhi