You May Think You're Boring. But Trust Me, You Aren't

So – in the time I’ve been writing for Smart Dating Academy – probably 4 out of 5 clients, when discussing the new online profile we are going to create for them, have professed to me that they don’t think they have anything interesting to put in their profiles. My response is: “C’mon! Are you kidding me? You won a square dance competition when you were 13!” or “You can tie a cherry stem into a knot in your mouth in under a minute!” or “You’ve climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro!” or “You’re taking a belly dancing class!” or “You have a green thumb and love to garden!” or “You make a mean chocolate soufflé!” or “You’re learning to play the guitar!” These are actually super duper interesting things. Even if you don’t think they are.

But looking back to the day when I was doing a LOT of online dating myself – I have to admit - my own online profile was crap. I didn’t think I was interesting – and so, as a result, my profile wasn’t interesting. When you don’t recognize your own coolness, your own interesting and unique qualities – it shows in your profile and you end up with one of those profiles where you say something like “I love long walks on the beach,” or “I’m just as comfortable in sweatpants as a cocktail dress” – generic phrases that 4 out of 5 profiles contain. These are the kind of profiles that get bypassed for the million other profiles that are just a mouse click away.

Here’s the dealio, though. I was interesting. (Ex - I’m the first person to sacrifice myself at a karaoke bar, I’m insanely punctual, and I’m ½ Kiwi). And you’re interesting too. Sometimes it just takes someone else to remind you.

So with that in mind, think about what stories throughout your life, or what specific concrete examples or experiences best illustrate the unique you. Weave these together into an interesting tapestry, that will ultimately captivate your target, make them smile or even better - laugh!

OK – so truth be told – it’s far from easy to write about yourself, and….write interestingly. The clients I’ve helped with their profiles get great responses, and you will too if you spend a few days thinking about it. My best tip - avoid lists of adjectives!!! If you need help, I’m here for you. Fill out our contact form, and send me your question. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible, and remind you how UN-boring you are :)