Worst Date Stories Ever

Compiled from real SDA clients, these horrible yet hilarious date stories will really give you the creeps!

"My worst date was with a guy who ordered barbecued ribs on our first date, then proceeded to lick every finger clean - all ten, from the tip all the way down to his palm, after each rib. Then he asked to hold hands in the car!"

- B

"I went to the Chicago Blues Fest with a guy who kept calling himself Daddy. He literally said 'Daddy likes that' more times than I could count. To make things even worse, he decided to go to the bathroom - in a bush! I tried to walk away as fast as I could, and he actually caught up to me and had the nerve to ask me why I walked away and left him behind! We ended up having to awkwardly share a cab together, and I just couldn't wait to get home. I have henceforth referred to him as The Pisser."

- S

"I went on a first date with a guy who spent the entire time asking about my shoe size, shoe preferences, feelings on daily foot massages, and foot 'suckling' - whatever that means! Expressing your foot fetish on the first date really isn't the best way to make a girl feel comfortable."

- A

"I was on a weekend date with a guy when he was suddenly arrested on a warrant. To make things even weirder and more awkward, his girlfriend, whom I didn't know existed up until that point, ended up being the one who drove me to the airport - it was a two and half hour drive."

- A

"I was on a first date with a gentleman who took my hands in his and asked me intently, 'Are you STD-free?' Gotta love dating in LA!"

- J