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Get a date by Christmas (or the Holidays)!

Every Saturday this December, hear Bela Gandhi on Bill Moller's show on WGN Radio. Every week she is sharing tips about how to land a date by the holidays and assigning homework to help you out! Her tips are being tested by "test-daters" Kay and Elaine. Tune in every week to see how they are doing and to hear the next set of valuable tips!

Meet our "Test Daters" Kay and Elaine! The following are photos that they had done for their online dating profiles by our amazing photographer, AJ. Notice how full and half body shots are included and they are looking directly into the camera with gorgeous smiles!

Kay launched her online profile during the first week and received 50 contacts in 48 hours!! 



The photo shoots are fun and natural! Below are snapshots from both Kay and Elaine's photo shoots with Bela.



Week 1: Get Yourself Into the Right Mindset and Get Online the Right Way!

Below are the tips we gave on the radio, and underneath is your homework for week #1!!

  1. Adjust your belief system.... (there ARE great partners out there for you. Negativity will hinder you).
  2. Successful dating begins and ends in your mind. Are there mental roadblocks getting in your way? Do you believe that you're too old, too heavy, that all the good ones are taken, whatever it is, you need to understand what it is that's been holding you back from jumping right in. Dating successful requires hope, resilience and perseverance - determination. You must believe that there is someone out there for you.
  3. Get online. There are over 1,500 online dating sites to choose from. Pick 2 sites to be on. I suggest big sites like Match.com, Chemistry.com, eHarmony, JDate if you're Jewish, etc. To get online, you need great photos, head to toe, and a bright smiling headshot that is current! 4-5 pictures total. No other people in the pictures (do NOT cut or scratch people out). The photos should be high resolution, no more than one year old!!
  4. Write a compelling profile. It should be around 300 words, positive, fun, playful, specific. SHOW don't tell. Instead of saying you're "kind" - tell us what that means to you (example: I'll cook you my from scratch chicken soup when you get your first bad flu)...


    1. Figure out what your internal roadblocks, if any, are. Write them down, and if necessary, talk about them with friends/family or people that you know best. Then, once you know what they are, resolve to not let them stop you and get your motor running!
    2. By next week, you should have picked at least one site to get on. Surf the sites and see what makes sense for you.
    3. Get great photos - Dress yourself nicely (men: sport coats, jeans, a crisp shirt, nice shoes / women: pretty colors, feminine styles like dresses and skirts). Have someone take them for you, or call us at Smart Dating Academy :)
    4. Write a good profile - It's hard to write about yourself, so enlist someone to help you.
    5. If you get all this done and launch yourself online, start emailing at least 5 people/day. Tip: If you get on Match.com, use Mutual Match to find the best matches.

    6. Please email us at bela@smartdatingacademy with questions!! Can't wait to hear how you're doing :)

      In case you missed it, here is the podcast!

      Week 2: Keep Online Dating & add "real life meetings"

      As we instructed last week, you should be on a minimum of one online dating site, with 5-6 great pictures (headshots and body shots), a fun, specific profile. You should also be sending 5 emails per day to people that you're interested in! Adding the next step, which will definitely put some zazz into your step, is getting to "real life" events! Here are some of our favorites:

      1. Find meet-up groups based on what you like, and attend 1-2 this week (www.meetup.com). You can type in your zip code, interests, and presto! Groups pop up based on what you're looking for / love to do. Remember that you're looking to meet someone though, so if you're a woman looking for a man, don't just look for Pilates groups, etc. Look for co-ed events where men are likely to go!
      2. Find a Speed Dating Event… Date and Dash (www.dateanddash.com)
      3. Mac and Cheese Minglers (macandcheeseproductions.com)
      4. Mingle Around (www.minglearound.com)
      5. MeSoFar...(mesofar.net)

      6. HOMEWORK: Find as many groups/events as you can with meet ups this week, and go to at least 1 or 2. And, continue to email 5 people per week!

        Week 3: Increase your social circles through your connections

        1. Play 6 Degrees of Me on Facebook
        2. Use Twitter to set up meet ups
        3. Play "Connection Wheel" and think of everyone you know who can help you get dates!!
        4. Have a singles dinner (a "Plus One" Party)

        5. As always, feel free to email us at bela@smartdatingacademy.com with questions!


           Week 4: Journey to a Date for the Holidays

          Bill talks to Bela, Kay, and Elaine, about the journey they’ve taken to get a date by the holidays. Hear how their story ends!

          In case you missed it, here is the podcast!