Valentine's Day is for Everyone!

Happy Valentine's Day!

When one thinks of the holiday season, Christmas and Thanksgiving are probably what first comes to mind; however, Valentine's Day is quite a celebrated event in the United States, according to our data! As a country, we will spend between $18-$19 billion for this very special day, at an average of about $133/person. One billion cards are going out today. So why not get into the Valentine's Day spirit?  Whether you're single, in a new relationship, or have been together for years, SDA has advice on how to do Valentine's Day right!

Dating someone?

  • Don't ignore it!  If you're in a new dating relationship, it's good to surprise your date with a small gift just to show that you care. A card, a book, a CD works - do NOT break the bank. 
  • If you're dating for more than three months, be thoughtful!   Show your partner that you know them, and gift them something meaningful.   If she loves John Legend, get her two tickets (and hopefully she will take you)!  If he loves home-cooked extravagant meals, get out your recipe book and do it! Stay away from generic drugstore chocolates and weird lingerie.
  • Don't give "self-help" gifts.   This means no gym memberships, workout videos, style guides, books on "Getting Your Life Together." Today you need to show your special someone your appreciate them - it is not the time to correct their flaws and weaknesses (unless you want to ensure that you won't have another Valentine's Day with them next year)! 

Single on Valentine's Day?

  • Grab your pals and celebrate together over fun drinks and dinner. You can make it even more fun by doing a Valentine's Day "grab bag" so everyone leaves with something fun!
  • One of the best ways to make yourself feel good is to give back. Go out and volunteer for a charity that needs help, or assist an elderly family member in fixing something in their house. Pack some treats and go visit a sick friend -- you will feel purposeful, strong, grateful for what you have, while brightening someone else's day!