Tyra Dodges Digital Dating

Something In The Water Does Not Compute (One Woman's Efforts To Dodge Digital Dating)

By Tyra Martin of WGN on January 19, 2011

Okay, if one more person asks me why I'm still single, my head will explode... Which would mean I would be sent to the hospital, where my mother would be scoping out doctors as potential son-in-laws.

Being a 38 year old TV producer, who has some pretty specific lifestyle standards and a low tolerance for ridiculousness has made it hard to date.

Here's the short list of obstacles:

  • I am always tired.
  • I'm almost always working, if not here at the station... somewhere on location... via blackberry... or in my overcrowded mind.
  • I can be a little cranky, when I'm tired.
  • I am always tired.
  • I go 6 places... The Grocery store (which I love), Target, Church, Work, The Gym and Penny's Noodles.
  • So far church and work haven't panned out any husbands.
  • So unless my Prince Charming runs out of toilet paper, we may never cross paths.
  • Besides waiting for kismet... The other option of course is online.
  • Sigh.

    I am so not interested in online dating. But I like lists, so I pro and con'd it.

    Here's what I have so far...

    Pro- It's not likely that I'll meet anyone too much stranger than the shape shifters I run into on the street.

    Con- It's common knowledge that shape shifting weirdos LOVE the internet.

    Pro- I can check out people without them knowing.

    Con- If I did that in person I would be arrested up for stalking... Which would mean I'd go to jail, where my mother would be scoping out lawyers as potential son-in-laws.

    I'm still weighing the options, but in the meantime... My friend Bela Gandhi from Smart Dating Academy here in Chicago has been giving me some freebie advice.

    She's pretty good... And if i dive into the e-pool, I'll count on her and smartdatingacademy.com to be my lifeguards.

    She stopped by WGN's Morning News this morning and shared a few tips to increase your online dating presence.

    I caught up with her behind the scenes... for a little more information, you know... just in case.

    But for those of you who are looking for eLove, here's few tips to increase your winks or whatever.

    Can I also just say, here's another case of internet behavior directly contradicting reality.

    Online, apparently winks and pokes are good.

    In real life if a bunch of random people started poking you and winking, you'd call the police.

    Just saying.

    Below, Bela's interviews on WGN and our behind the scenes chit chat.

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