This Really DOES Matter in Online Dating....

So I met with one of my wonderful male Chicago clients last week for drinks, dinner and a coaching session. Unbelievable what a difference personal branding and packaging can make in your dating life. My client is confident, successful, and outgoing. And he's 5'6" in height. This can be tough for a man in the online dating world, where nearly 80% of women start their height search at 5'10" (as a minimum). However, with his new photos, online profile, stylish duds and newly acquired email writing skills, he has been on 37 dates in 8 weeks with 14 women! 37 dates in 8 weeks! He has even taken a weekend trip with one of them.  Phenomenal.

Like a good student (lol) - he also adopted the right mindset. He has cast his net wide - and is dating women of different races and religions and having a wonderful time. He actually wanted a coaching session with me so that he could get some help limiting 4 of his "A List" girls down to 2 - because he wants some personal time back - all this dating has taken over his life!!

Having such great success, his advice is: "Be confident in yourself by not 'investing too much in the outcome.'" Simply put, don't make yourself nervous and freak out about the date - just look at it as another chance to get to know someone. Let her know you, be genuinely interested in her - and just see where it goes. Low pressure, low stress - but lots of fun.

Moral of the story: He went on EVERY second date he wanted to. The way you position yourself online matters.