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The 10 Biggest Mistakes
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Smart Dating Academy has helped thousands of singles find LOVE, and knows the biggest mistakes we make in the dating process, whether it's in online dating, ignoring red flags, the wrong mindset, and more.  

"This webinar made me realize that I was dating in the wrong way, and had been for many many years. I've made every mistake Bela talked about, and I am finally on the right path." - Matt, 47

"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  I'm so glad I watched this (with a glass of wine in hand). I feel hope for the first time, and am so glad to know that 43% of adults in the US are single, and I'm not the only one" - Rita, 58

Watch Bela Gandhi, America's Top Dating Expert, give a 90 minute webinar tell you EVERYTHING you want to know about the biggest mistakes people of ALL ages make in dating. 

  • Posting the WRONG photos
  • Writing the WRONG text in your profile
  • Composing bad messages (that will never get a response)
  • Having the wrong expectations
  • Ignoring red flags....
  • Q & A – Bela takes the last 30 minutes to answer questions that viewers just like you asked!  Fascinating insights

This webinar will put you on the RIGHT trajectory to find love!