TCW - GREAT Online Photos!

7 ways to improve your online dating experience

First impressions in the real world are crucial. In the world of online dating (where 20-40 million people search for love), first impressions are everything. You have one chance to attract a good man, or he’ll quickly move on to the next girl. Your first impression online comes from one key place: your photos.

The truth is that 90 percent of your online success is based on your photos. Here are seven ways to significantly improve your results with photos:

1. Yes, you NEED to have a photo.

Everyday, I hear, “But I don’t want anyone to know I’m online.” Being online without a photo is like walking into a cocktail party with a sack over your head. I recently talked a wonderful client into finally adding her new photos on She grudgingly tried it two weeks ago with our photos, and had the following unbelievable two week results:

No photos: 2 emails

With photo: 75 emails and 83 winks (winks are interests!)


2. Invest in professional photos – by someone who understands online dating.

Professional (natural – not portrait studio) photos make an enormous difference. No, your corporate headshot will not do! This is dating, not work. Jill was convinced that photos taken by her friends were “good enough.” I told her to trust me and go through our professional photo shoot. The very first night she relaunched herself with her new photos and online profile, which showed her at her most authentic and best, she got 105 messages overnight. Jill just turned 40 – and is engaged!

3. Seek feedback on your look (before getting photos).

Our client Tracy had very short hair and sought honest feedback about her image. We all said: “Longer hair!” She listened, and went for it. In just one month with new photos of her longer hair, her email traffic has been up 300 percent. Last night, a blind date said as she walked up to the restaurant, “Wow - you are ridiculously beautiful!” She emailed me, and said, “No man has ever said that to me. Ever. Thank you!”

4. Smile warmly and look happy!

A now famous study done by OKCupid last year showed that women who looked directly at the camera and smiled warmly received 15 percent more contacts/emails than those who didn’t. At our photo shoots, I help clients look “happy.” Visualize being at the airport, and seeing someone you love walk through the gate.

5. You and you alone should be in the photos!

No men in your photos. Men don’t like competition. If there is another guy in the photo, he may think you’re still pining for the guy even if it’s your brother. No other women in photos either. I’ve heard stories about men emailing women asking who their cute friend in the blue dress is. I also counsel for no pets or babies – can send the wrong messages as well. And lastly, don’t cut people out of your photo. It’s tacky.

6. Types of photos.

Have warm, smiling clear shot of your face for your opening shot. Backup shots should have half body and full body shots. Photos should be current, no more than 1 year old and no need to post more than 8-10 photos – total! Below, you’ll see one of our lovely NYC clients – who thought the shopping photo was cute. After her professional photos, see what she REALLY looks like in her new photo.

7. Dress to impress – be the best version of yourself.

Do your hair and makeup nicely but naturally – as you would for an important date! It is so important that we have hair/makeup artists on staff that specialize in makeup for outdoor natural light/digital photography. Wear feminine clothes that are monochromatic and brightly colored. Show off your curves tastefully with nice necklines – but not too much skin!

Follow these tips, and you will sail off into the online dating sunset successfully.