Spark Up Your Relationship This Summer!

Spark Up Your Relationship This Summer!

It would be hard to identify the best season for relationships, but summer definitely sets a high standard for competition with its warm days and nights, fragrant flowers, and all-around cheerful vibe that makes us all feel like kids again! Harness the mood of the season and spark some fireworks in your relationship with our summer date ideas…

1. Spend time by (or preferably, in) the water

Just because you don't live near a "real beach" doesn't mean you should skip out on refreshing swims or splashing wars. A nearby lake or even the community pool is a great place to cool off, play, and relax with your beau in these hot summer months. Go ahead and plan for that romantic sunset stroll along the shore of Costa Rica - but meanwhile, just pour a tasty glass for your date and dip your feet in the pool together!

2. Go to an outdoor concert

Music is great, but live music is better - and live music outdoors in summer is probably the best it gets! Not only do you get to experience the carefree, relaxed atmosphere of an outdoor show, you get to enjoy the warm weather and eat or drink whatever you want while watching - so go ahead and share that bacon-wrapped hotdog and frozen lemonade (just remember to pick up your trash - haha). If you need any other incentive to take your date to an outdoor concert, keep in mind that they usually cost less than indoor concerts and are oftentimes even free!

3. Go for a drive

Driving can seem so routine - or an absolute chore depending on the time of year and how terrible the weather gets. Luckily, summer is a great time to re-discover and appreciate the simple pleasure of just cruising down the road together. Get back to your youth - make a mix of all the songs you and your date love, roll down the windows, and go for a drive somewhere with a great view! You're going to want to bring a camera.

4. Visit a carnival

Remember how excited you got over a date with your crush back when you were a teenager? Recreate that shameless cuteness factor with a date to the local fair or carnival! Win stuffed bears for your beau and share quintessential summer carnival food like cotton candy, ice cream sundaes, and those giant turkey legs you always end up regretting. It's likely you'll feel like charmed high school sweethearts again - but try to keep the PDA to a minimum on the ferris wheel.

5. Exercise outside

Running, walking, biking, yoga - take advantage of the warm weather and exercise together outdoors! Besides being a great bonding activity, working on getting fit together will make both of you feel fulfilled and confident, feelings which are essential to being in a healthy relationship. (Fitting nicely into your new summer wardrobe is another perk).