SDA's 10 Most Fabulous Summer Date Ideas

10 Great Outdoor Date Ideas for Summer Loving

Summertime is an amazing and whimsical time for love and romance. Get into the spirit of the season by planning some out of the ordinary dates with your special someone! Here are 10 fabulous date ideas that are sure to get sparks flying this summer:

  1. Go to a fair/carnival: Be a teenager again; win your girl a stuffed prize at Coney Island Boardwalk in New York, eat cotton candy, and steal kisses under the lights of the ferris wheel! If you love on the edge, try an amusement Park like Six Flags, or Navy Pier in Chicago for a more low-key outing.
  2. Renting bikes: Bike is back in! Pretty much any big city in the US has bicycles for rent. Studies have shown that getting active increases your adrenaline, which in turn can build attraction. Chicago has a gorgeous lakefront path that stretches for 18 miles!
  3. Outdoor restaurant hopping: Try several different restaurants in one evening by grabbing drinks and appetizers in one, move on to get a small entree at another, and end with dessert at yet another. Check out our recent blog for about fabulous restaurants for dating in Chicago here!
  4. Rent boat or kayak: Chicago has boats and kayaks available for rent on the river; spice it up by renting on a Wednesday or Saturday night and catch the local firework show.
  5. Outdoor Concert: Chicago's famous Ravinia hosts a full line-up of the most popular artists and bands, and also the symphony orchestra all summer long! Bring a blanket, snacks, and drinks for a low-key and inexpensive romantic date!
  6. Barbeque: Invite a few other couples over, have a gourmet BBQ, and play fun games or set up a movie screen and play a romantic movie with dessert and drinks.
  7. Stargazing: Get out with your date and look for constellations! Obviously there is a lot of light pollution in Chicago, but taking a short drive to Indiana Dunes State Park Beach can make all the difference. Listen to gentle waves lapping while snuggling on a blanket together!
  8. Plan a dream-food day: Eat those foods that you wish you could eat on a daily basis.
  9. Farmers' Markets: Grab a few other couples and decide on 6 different fresh ingredients from the farmers market. For a unique weeknight date, try Andersonville's Farmers' Market, which is open every Wednesday afternoon/evening of the summer. Afterward, make a mini-competition out of it - everyone prepares a dish with one of the ingredients and let the judging begin!
  10. Go green: Seek inspiration from Chicago's gorgeous gardens in Millennium and Grant Parks for ideas to plant your own garden, or look to volunteer at a local tree planting event.

Go on, get planning those fun dates and enjoy your summer with your cutie!