SDA Interviews PrettyQuick's Coco Meers!

Smart Dating Academy Interviews PrettyQuick founder Coco Meers!

A while back, I met an amazing woman named Coco Meers, who happens to be the founder of the coolest site I have heard of in a long time!! I decided that it would be fun for me to formally introduce you all to her and PrettyQuick by interviewing her personally. I promise you will love PrettyQuick as much as I do!

SDA: What is PrettyQuick?

CM: PrettyQuick is your very own beauty concierge! We take all the work out of finding and booking last-minute, high-quality salon and spa appointments. Once you become a member on (membership is free!) you can request salon or spa appointments from any device and instantly book a recommended appointment that meets your exact schedule and location, all within minutes and without having to make any calls!

SDA: How did you decide to start PrettyQuick?

CM: It actually all began with a dating story. I was working in France had been logging insane hours with absolutely time to wax my eyebrows before meeting my US-based boyfriend for a long weekend. When Air France announced that our flight was delayed I said ,"YES!!! Let me see if there's an airport spa kiosk that can whip these brows into shape!" Sure enough, I found someone to do the trick right there in the terminal. The results weren't great, but it got me thinking... if I weren't stuck in the airport, wouldn't it be cool to press a button and know immediately what salons and spas were close, available, and recommended for me to book?

SDA: How can PrettyQuick be used in the dating world?

CM: PrettyQuick is actually perfectly designed to be used as a "beauty weapon" in the dating world. First date coming up? Find a relaxing massage or facial at one of our hand-picked spas to prep and calm your nerves before the big day. Meeting-up for drinks? Find a same-day appointment to get a sexy mani-pedi on your way to the bar. From dating prep to last-minute beauty emergency, we have your back!

SDA: Is there any insider advice you can give our clients?

CM: It's no secret we must always put our best foot forward, especially when it comes to dating! However, we don't always have time to take care of ourselves, which is why I find these time-saving beauty tricks the most helpful.

  1. No-chip: This has happened to all of us in some form or another... the date is going well, you elegantly pick up your glass of wine.... wait, what?! One of your nails is chipped, two nails, ugh, make that three!After many similar incidents I realized I couldn't live without my no-chip manicures. Now I don't have to worry about my nails for three weeks!

  2. Blow-outs: You are as sexy as you feel! Why not treat yourself to a sultry blowout? The best part is that you can easily squeeze one in whenever you have time. Make a last-minute appointment on PrettyQuick and 30 minutes later you'll be feeling sexy, confident and ready for anything!

  3. Lip Exfoliation: Regardless of your kissing policies one must be prepared for anything... next time you go in for a facial ask for a lip exfoliation treatment. Your lips will feel amazing and your favorite lipstick will look even better. Exfole8 in the West Loop has an amazing citrus lip exfoliator which they pair with an incredible plumping masque for maximum repair and hydration.

Visit from any device and get glammed-up asap! Thanks Coco!