Peak Season Stats from Match


When is's "Peak Season"?

  • From Dec. 26 – Feb. 14, there is 38% increase in new members registering on Match
  • Match expects to have 2+ million singles logging on the site 36+ million times during the first week of the year

What is online dating's busiest day of the year?

  • January 4th, 2015 with singles logging in 5.8 million times that day.
  • Want to know precisely the busiest time that day? It will be 7:52pm CT/8:52 pm ET.

Who's joining?

  • Women are joining Match at a faster rate during peak season (45% vs 33% during other parts of the year)
  • Women of all ages are joining during peak season, with major peaks happening between ages 24 - 67
  • The average age of men joining Match during peak season is 34