Love Resolutions For The New Year

After Auld Lang Syne has been sung and the year has been splashed away with champagne, resolutions are born. And while it’s hard to keep some (it’s hard to keep those fitness goals, and that’s OK), here are some that work best for your love life--and those changes all start with YOU!

Treat yourself best first.
Before you settle down with someone else, take time to give yourself the love that you need. Whether it’s staying in for a night and caving on that list you’ve been building on Netflix, taking a new yoga class that you’ve always put off before, or, of course, treating yourself to a shopping spree--take the time to get to know / nurture yourself! When you start to feel better, and see yourself in a better light, good things will follow. And while self-love is a true process, it pays off--and is oh-so-important. Once you see the love that you need and deserve within yourself, you can allow yourself to love another person just as much!

Don’t settle for less.
Is that guy that you’ve been dating not so nice?  Flaky, unreliable, critical, or ogles other women incessantly? Drop him! You deserve someone who nurtures you, and likes you a little more than you like him (that’s a key tenet at Smart Dating Academy). You need a man who is High GHQ® (High in Good Husband Qualities). Don’t be afraid if it takes you some time until the right one comes along--he’s out there, and you’ll find him! And never be afraid to speak up for what you want--communication is always key.  If you need help with defining your High GHQ man – let us know – it is the most critical thing to know (to avoid dating patterns)!

Plan a weekend trip.
If you and your man have come to a crossroads when it comes to something to do, plan a weekend trip for the future. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate beach rendezvous or cross-country ski trip--it can be a simple drive, train ride, hour-long flight--whatever the transportation, the trip can be any place you wouldn’t think of going! Perhaps it’s a bed-and-breakfast spot that your friend once told you about, or an afternoon spent wandering down endless city streets--get creative! Don’t hold back on places you’ve always dreamt of going to with him, make it reality.

Websites such as Groupon offer weekend trips often, so check there as well.