Hitch, Hinge, and Wyldfire

Tinder and Coffee Meets Bagel are the dating apps you've likely heard of (and tried), but here are some promising new dating apps, handpicked by our SDA team, that might just challenge their monopoly!


  • Allows you to select two Facebook friends you'd like to set up
  • Founder Anton Gu says "the vast majority [of dating apps] are providing random suggestions, refined by mutual interests, hobbies, sports, and so on...people are happy to receive suggestions of what movies to watch, what albums to buy, but should it be the same for relationships?"
  • Concept is to replace algorithms with a real person- you log in with Facebook account and choose two friends to match together
  • Those two are sent an invitation to chat, BUT they only know the gender and age of the person they're chatting with (mutual agreement to reveal identity comes later)
  • Largely dependent on friend's judgment but at least users know they are being set up with a friend of a friend, which leads to a sense of security and familiarity
  • Matchmakers can see how many messages have been exchanged back and forth and get to see when the pair reveals identities to each other, which functions as motivation for people to be matchmaker


  • Dubbed the "anti-Tinder" because its design rejects the concept of meeting random strangers
  • Only matches you with friends of your Facebook friends
  • Utilizes swiping motion similar to Tinder
  • Demographic: 99% are college-educated and work in consulting, banking, law, tech or media, 90% between ages of 23 and 36, database of users provides almost equal number of men & women
  • Founder/CEO Justin McLeod says goal is "to give you the opportunity to meet the kinds of people you would meet if your friends were always throwing house parties, dinners and brunches and you were able to attend all of them! It's meant to accelerate the process of meeting your friends' friends."



  • Very new - still in beta mode!
  • Women decide which men get to join, so women can sign up freely but men need to be invited by a female friend
  • Decreases number of creepy men for women and reduces unfairly negative preconceptions of men by women
  • In order for a woman to join, she needs to send a "feather" to a male friend inviting him to join the app, and a man who wants to join either has to receive a feather or ask a female friend to send him a feather
  • If a current user gets flagged, the Wyldfire team will access the messages to determine whether the account should be shut down
  • Bottom line: if a man doesn't have a single female friend who would be willing to invite him to Wyldfire, he probably isn't a great dating candidate!