Got Tinder?

Got Tinder?

Tinder, an iPhone app first launched in October of 2012, has taken the dating world by absolute storm. Like it or not, it aims to simplify the dating game by answering everyone's initial secret question - do you like me?

To get on to Tinder, all you need is a Facebook account and a Smart phone – either an iPhone or Android (you can not use Tinder from a computer). It’s free, and you can download the Tinder app in one minute. The app runs off of Facebook, and will automatically pull your Facebook profile picture (make sure it’s a really good headshot), after which you get to choose 5-6 more photos. You get 500 characters to write something about yourself as well, so choose your words carefully (remember to be positive and differentiated!). You set your desired geographical range and the age range you’re interested in – and presto, the matches start flying across your screen!

The way the app works is you first see just one photo of another user with some very scant basic information - name, age - and you can either hit a heart button on the right of the screen to indicate you are attracted to that person, or you can hit an X button on the left to indicate you are not. To make things even easier, you can simply swipe right for attraction or left to “reject”. Besides being super easy, another great part of Tinder is we don't have to face the judgment or rejection of those you are attracted to because Tinder only shows you "matches," which is when someone you swiped yes to has also swiped yes to you. Users never get notified in any way if someone they like doesn't like them back. If you get matched with someone, you can then message him or her directly using the app to start conversing, getting to know each other better, and planning dates. The transition from online messaging to real-life meet-ups can make some a little nervous; however Tinder soothes your worries by connecting to Facebook accounts so that you can see what mutual friends you may have with someone. If you have doubts or questions about someone, you can always ask your friends!

The fact that Tinder facilitates people's instinct to base initial attraction off of appearance and caters to people's natural fear of rejection, has made the dating app a major success. According to co-founder Justin Mateen, Tinder is being downloaded up to 20,000 times a day with 60% of users checking it daily. And unlike many of the other dating apps on the market, the demographic is actually relatively balanced - Tinder has received much approval from the female gender online, and a plethora of people ranging in age from college students to over 50 years old are active on the app.

So, if you haven’t yet, you may want to consider giving Tinder a try – remember, you’re looking for ONE person, and the more outlets you’re on, the higher your chances!