First Ever #LunchwithBela - Recap

#LunchwithBela Highlights

Last month, we had our first ever Twitter #LunchwithBela! We were able to spend an hour answering your most pressing dating questions. Here are some of the great questions along with our answers:

Q: Should a girl reach out to a guy to thank him for a good first date or shoukd she wait for him to reach out first?

A: Thank him profusely on the date and then wait. However, if he is really shy, take a chance and reach out first! (:

Q: How soon after divorce should I start dating?

A: Most importantly, make sure you are healed. Bitterness and anger should be gone. When the thought of dating excites you, you're ready.

Q: I can't stop thinking about my ex. What should I do??

A: Get yourself back out there, and see if it helps. You may be thinking about him because you have no one else to think of right now.

Q: What do women want men to wear on dates?

A: Men's dating uniform-don't deviate! Dark sport coat, crisp dress shirt (blue or white are our favs), dark jeans, nice belt & shoes.

Q: I always get pushed into the friend-zone. Girls always think I'm just nice.

A: Women love confident & nice! Be strong & masculine. Get feedback from your honest friends. Do you seem confident?

Q: Is dinner and a movie too much for a first date?

A: First date should be short and sweet. Drinks and apps = perfect!

Q: Can a long distance relationship work?

A: Yes, not easy, but it can. Depends on both people & desire to make it work. Frequent visits & Skype chats can help.

Q: How many dates should I wait before sex? Is 5 too few?

A: 5 is way too soon. Wait until you are exclusive, with title of boyfriend/girlfriend. Sex too early wrecks relationships.

Q: If I really like a girl, should I offer to make her dinner after a couple dates? Is it too much too soon?

A: Too much too soon. Wait at least 8 dates and for signs she is into you. She needs to earn that dinner :)

Q: How do you flirt with someone?

A: An easy trick that works every time: 3 seconds of eye contact, a big smile. Look away. Look back and smile again.

To see all the questions from our first #LunchwithBela, check out our Twitter page @SmartDatingAC.