Don't give up on dating!

Stay motivated to find love - it's in the air!

Summer is the season for weddings! We’ve seen countless celebrities commit their lives to each other this season, and those same feelings of love and commitment have been in the air here at Smart Dating Academy. We are so excited that we have had five weddings and four engagements just this summer, and we would like to use those happy moments to give encouragement to any of you who are still looking for the one and have perhaps been feeling the stress of dating. Getting down about your love life is only natural, especially if it isn’t where you would like it to be. Dating always has its ups and downs, and they will come and go.

Our message to you who may be feeling a bit disillusioned with love and dating this summer is: don’t give up! We have seen firsthand this season how things can change in a heartbeat if you keep at your goal of finding the person for you. If this summer wasn’t as lucky for you, autumn can absolutely be better. Try change up your usual routine, do something that is out of your comfort zone, and ask your friends to set you up. The most important piece of advice we have is to stay in there, stay motivated, and you will be surprised with the results! If you are having trouble staying motivated and need some encouragement, don't hesitate to give us a call to formulate a results-oriented dating action plan! We are here to help you find the love that you are looking for.

Congratulations and much love to our married and engaged couples of the summer; we are wishing them all the warmth and happiness that the future may bring!