Dating Tip #5 - Go Online (You Never Know Who You’ll Meet AGAIN!)

Smart Dating Tip #5 – Go Online – You Never Know Who You Will Meet (Again!)

Online Dating Connections

This week’s true Smart Dating story is amazing. I met this week with a 65 year old coaching client who we’ll call

Helena. For those of you who have been reading my posts from the beginning, Helena first went online 6 years after her husband passed away. She had an overwhelming response to her beautiful photos and profile (one man actually asked her if she was a model…yay)!

Helena has been incredibly constructive, optimistic and diligent about dating “High GHQ” men (men who have “Good Husband Qualities” and come in lots of “different packages”) Since getting online, Helena has been what I call a “dating rock star” – sometimes going on 3-4 dates a week (see, who says that it’s not possible for boomers?!?)

I met Helena this week for coaching and coffee, to get an update on her dating life. She recounted a beautiful story to me – that shows “You Never Know!”

To begin the story, let me explain that I counsel date coaching clients to proactively write to 2-3 people each day (when they are dating online). If this seems like a lot, take into consideration that 90% of written emails never get a response. But people who are serious about finding someone will keep at it. During one online search Helena came across an interesting profile of man, who was witty, articulate, and talked about his work in Emotional Intelligence. Helena is a PHD in Psychology – and found his profile compelling enough to write him a note. His name is Nicholas, and he responded back warmly and promptly. After several email exchanges, they decided to chat on the phone. (Side note: Chatting on the phone is ALWAYS advisable before going on a “blind” or “online” date with someone. You can tell a LOT about a person by speaking with them, even for five minutes). It turns out that Nicholas is a doctor who had attended Harvard Medical School, was a widower, and had 2 kids that went to the University of Chicago (U of C). Helena was delighted at the U of C connection, because she also had a daughter (Beth) that went to U of C. Nicholas went on to talk about his U of C graduate son, who went on to become a Fulbright scholar, and mentioned that the son had graduated in 2003.

Helena gasped. She said, “Is your son Jonathan?” Nicholas was silent for a moment, and astonishingly said, “Well, YES! Do you know him?”

It turns out that Helena’s daughter and Nicholas’ son were best friends at U of C – and are still friends today. Helena had been to Nicholas’ house for Jonathan’s graduation party!!! The connection was cemented, and they went out the next day (neither could wait!!)

These two have been on 5 dates since then – and can’t get enough of each other. He takes her to fantastic dinners, high-end charity dinners (he is also connected to Chicago politics) – and Helena couldn’t be happier.

According to the US census, there are 99.6 million singles over the age of 18 in America. and eHarmony report that of those, 20-40 million are dating online at any time. Who would have ever thought these two lovely people would cross paths – again, so late in life? Miracles do happen – and they CAN happen online

Stay tuned for more Helena updates (and Mandy goes speed dating!)…….

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