Dating Tip #4 - How to Look your BEST for Dates!

Hot off the Presses: The BEST dating looks for 2012 for men and women!

It’s a well known fact that we form first impressions rapidly, and making a great first impression on a date is crucial. Albert Mehrabian’s (a famous UCLA psychologist) widely cited research proved that 93% of first impression is based on non-verbal communication:i.e.the way we sound, walk, and look. Focusing today on “the look”, what can you wear to impress your date every time?

Remember this easy and logical mantra: Most men want to date feminine women, and most women want to date masculine men.So, here are some easy tips to look like the “pretty woman” or “dashing man” that you are:

Dating Best Looks

Women: Get gorgeous and girly!

My good friend and author Rachel Greenwald reported in her book, “Have Him at Hello” (Crown Publishing) that an overwhelming majority of men wanted their dates to wear a dress or skirt. So, look through the closet, and find a flattering (and appropriate) dress or blouse/skirt to your date, with some cute heels. Nothing too low, too revealing, too printed or too short. If you don’t have pieces like these, discount retailers like TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, Nordstrom Rack can be goldmines – and not break your budget. Focus on emphasizing your waist if that’s a region you’re proud of – men are wired to worship the hourglass curvy figures we’ve been given. And, my best kept secret for almost all women is a wrap dress (the gold standard here is Diane von Furstenberg – or simply DVF. Furstenberg’s dresses can take 2 sizes off better than Houdini can).

Men Date Dress

Men: ZZ Top said it best, “Every Girl’s Crazy about a Sharp Dressed Man.”

With that being said, “man up!” Women want to feel like they’re with a confident, powerful man–A guy who can take care of things –so dress to impress. Get rid of the old sweaters and polo shirts, old faded jeans and sneakers. I work with hundreds of women nationwide, and they unanimously agree that the BEST look for men on a date is: Dark, modern sport coat, nice crisp shirt underneath, dark jeans, and a great pair of shoes with a matching belt! You can NOT go wrong.

Will stepping your look make it look like you’re trying too hard? I’ll pose the question to you: Men, if a woman showed up to the date wearing a pretty dress, what would you think? I’m guessing most of you are thinking, “It would be fantastic.” Women, how would you feel if the guy arrived wearing a nice sport coat and jeans? Most likely, you’d love it. We want to feel like we’re important, and someone “dressing up” a bit for us makes us feel good, like we’re worth it!

Step up your feminine and masculine looks – and you will definitely start turning heads (your date’s and everyone else in the vicinity).

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