Dating Tip #1 - The Best Way to Get Someone to Like You!

Tip #1 - The Best Way to Get Someone to Like You is to Like Them First

As a dating coach, people come to me from every city and even other countries to get better at dating, and find love.    In our program, the goal is to get the 2nd date with everyone (whether you want it or not!) – meaning, the person WANTS to date you again.Online Dating

So, what’s the secret of getting someone to like you?    It’s not just about wearing your sexiest dress or aphrodiasic-esque cologne.

It's pure and simple - the secret of getting someone to like you is to like the other person first.     Every single human has a fundamental desire to be liked, appreciated and respected.   And it’s a need that often goes vastly unfulfilled.

Change your mindset – instead of worrying so much about yourself, get out of your own head, and make at least one person that comes your way “feel like a million bucks.”

It’s shockingly easy.   Smile warmly, and say hi (even if it’s to someone on the street – doesn’t matter!).    And, if you get into conversation – listen intently (a very charming trait), sincerely find something you like about that person, and tell them (this is no time to keep your positive thoughts to yourself).

If you look at the person thinking, “What do I like?” I guarantee you, in most cases, you’ll find something.

The best way to master this technique is to practice.    If you like the earrings of the cashier at Starbucks, tell her.    If the produce guy at the grocery store went to get you some fresh tomatoes, tell him how much you appreciate him, and that he made your day.     It's about making someone else feel good - and it's easy to do. Start practicing today - so that when the big moment arrives, and  you’re sitting across from your date, you'll know exactly what to do!

Be nice, smile, and like someone first - and this great and positive energy  will come back to you in spades.  You get what you give – even in dating  :-)

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