Dating at work - good idea?

Is it ever a good idea to date someone at the office?

Summer is winding down and with autumn approaching, everyone seems to get a renewed and refreshed focus at work. It is the time for new beginnings as big ideas and new projects are conceived—the rejuvenation from summer seems to have increased office motivation and helped relationships. One question we often get is whether or not it is a good idea to date someone from your office. We think it is entirely possible to meet the right person at your workplace, but you must tread carefully! If someone at your office has caught your eye, do your homework and give it a lot of thought before you pursue anything. Here are some things you should keep in mind before pursuing an office relationship:

  1. What is your company policy regarding dating others within the company, and within the same department? Obviously, we don’t think it is ever a good idea to get involved with your boss, or a subordinate. It creates too many sticky situations and can even be thought of as unethical when lines of authority are muddled with personal relationships.
  2. You spend more waking hours with those you work with than with anyone else. Typically, it is healthy for couples to spend some time apart at their respective jobs. How would spending virtually every day, all day with your significant other impact your relationship?
  3. Finally, what would happen if the relationship didn’t work out in the end? Ask yourself: would you be fine seeing your ex on an everyday basis? Do you tend to leave relationships on good terms, or are you more apt to turn it sour? Would it create an uncomfortable situation for your co-workers? Will it affect your job performance? Would anyone be caught in the middle?

Ultimately, dating at work can work, but it can also get messy very quickly. Be prepared to do some serious soul searching and research about your company’s policies before you leap. You really never know where you will meet the right person, but be smart about it and make sure you keep the feelings of your team and co-workers in the forefront as you begin your new relationships at work.