• Welcome to Smart Dating Academy

    Hi! I’m Bela. And welcome to the Smart Dating Blog.

    Just to fill you in on what this site is about – I started the Smart Dating Academy originally to help coach people, singles, divorcees, widows, online daters, you name it - on how to be better at dating – so that in the long run, they’d find a lifetime partner to grow old with. What the Academy has turned into is a full service school, if you will, teaching you how to handle the important steps throughout the entire dating process – including dating coaching, image consulting, online profile analysis and editing, and communications consulting. We’ve done the research and know what works out there in the trenches! We tailor packages for each individual and we’re here to help with anything and everything you think you might need help with when it comes to dating and finding “the one.”

    I’ve loved every minute of my experiences with the Academy so far – and have learned so much from you and about you. Most importantly – I’ve learned that you really want to learn and get better at this whole dating thing. You’re the brave and bold out there who aren’t afraid to admit that you might need a little help in the relationship department. Believe me, you are not alone. But, unlike those who don’t seek out help and ways to better themselves, you are the ones that are going to ultimately succeed and find what you’re looking for.

    So, in keeping with my goal of helping you and giving advice – I’ve decided to start this blog and keep you “in the know” with online dating tips, image advice, current dating statistics, and answers to dating and relationship questions that I get every day. I’m here to help – and hope that I do just that!

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Bela Ghandi Founder Smart Dating Academy