Celebrate Yourself This Singles Week!

Celebrate yourself this Singles Week!

Here are some ideas to get your celebration planning started:

1. Get adventurous.

Now is the time to get out and do something out of the norm that you have always wanted to try! If you are into the outdoors, try sailing, jet-skiing, the amusement park, or hiking. Indoor adventures include go-cart racing, paintball, rock climbing, and laser tag. Chances are, you will meet some great new people and you will have a blast doing it. There is nothing more fun than mixing life up with something you wouldn’t normally do!

2. Be spontaneous.

Embrace the fact that you can do whatever you want, whenever you want. You don’t have to run your plans by anyone else and can do whatever you’d like when the mood strikes. If you want to go see the latest movie, GO! Visit the local art show you’ve been dying to see!

3. Take a mental health day and sleep in.

Take a day off work to relax and sleep in! Treat yourself to a delicious late morning latte or tea and a long bath. Revel in the luxury of your own company. Turn your music up and sing at the top of your lungs (Single by Natasha Bedingfield or It’s My Life by Bon Jovi are awesome!). Do all those things you couldn’t do if you were married and had children.

4. Grab your girlfriends.

As girls, we love getting dolled up for a night on the town. Get all your best girlfriends together and make a reservation at one of your city’s most exclusive restaurant. Dinner with friends is always fun, and getting all gussied up for the occasion only makes it more exciting.

5. Go on a shopping spree.

If you are the type who likes to have a reason to head out to the mall and splurge on yourself, Singles’ week is a perfect reason! Go out and get some cute outfits and shoes. Fall is right around the corner, so get the perfect cool weather ensembles that will make you feel celebratory all winter long.

6. Volunteer.

I know this may sound like it isn’t really a celebration, but it is. Volunteering at a local community center, food shelf, or homeless shelter can be one of the more rewarding things you do in life. The gratitude that you receive from those you are helping can’t be replicated. You can’t help but glow when you are through with the day! Plus, you may be more able to celebrate what you have when you realize just how fortunate you are.

7. Attend a concert.

You know the feeling you get when your favorite artist’s songs blast through the radio. Attend one of their concerts with thousands of others who most likely feel the same way. Connect over your love for your favorite artist and make new friends—and have a blast doing it! No more, “Ugh, I can’t believe you like this type of music!”

8. Get pampered.

Spend a day at the spa—go all out! Get a massage, facial, manicure, and pedicure. Or, get a new look by getting your hair done. Luxuriate in the feeling of being waited on hand and foot. Better yet, get your single girls together and turn it into a weekend getaway! You will come back feeling fresh and vibrant.

9. Take a road trip.

Think about places that you have always thought you would love to see, but that aren’t necessarily convenient because they aren’t near an airport. Make a long playlist, grab some coffee and snacks, and hit the road! You will feel young and carefree before you hit mile marker 20, and you will be heading to a place you have always wanted to see.

10. Host a party.

Plan a simple or lavish BBQ or dinner party for a group of your friends. Go all out with the planning, complete with a theme, invitations, and an amazing menu. Plan games that everyone can play. Make the night as memorable as any other special occasion. Getting everything together and finalizing the guest list is fun and will fill you with much anticipation before the event!