Bikini Wax - I Wanna Date Bela!

Enough with the skeeziness at Ashley Madison….So my test dater went to Chicago thisweekend for the royal treatment, er, the Silver Package withSmart Dating Academy. First up, photos:

“They did my make-up and hair. The photographer was really nice. Normal. I felt really comfortable. We did 350 pictures! Mostly outside, with various necklines and settings. I was in front of a mural, sitting on a ledge.  About 30 of the pictures were really good and 8 were fantastic,” she said, talking fastfastfast.

“And then I was going to have lunch and Bela asked what I was going to do over lunch, I said walk around Michigan Avenue and maybe shop a bit.”

“Would you like me to set you up with my personal shopper at Nordstroms?”

“Sure, why not.

“So at five after one I gave the woman my size, my coloring and my goal for the clothes—dating, but also with flexibility for work. Half an hour later I walk into a dressing room filled with clothes, and people to watch and fetch and make more suggestions.

“One dress, I swear, they zipped it up and it took thirty pounds off.

“And Bela is so normal and helpful and we haven’t even had the real meeting part yet.”

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