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Love is in the Air

“This year we’ve had two engagements, two marriages, and two babies,” gushes Bela Gandhi

Gandhi. It’s been a while since we chatted with the founder of Smart Dating Academy. She’s so busy spreading the news about others that it takes a bit for her own to come out.

“ called me. I figured it would take a while to sort things, out, but those people are like a rocket ship. I was on a plane to Dallas two days later.”, one of the MANY online dating sites owned by (which is in turn owned by IAC, Barry Diller’s company), has been trying to figure out how to better compete with eHarmony, one of the few sites NOT owned by Match.

They hired Helen Fischer, well-known anthropologist who specializes in relationships, to develop a personality test for them, which she did. The idea is that relationships work best between certain types of people, and you need to know what type you are in order to figure that out. The test and results are free. I took the test, and it’s scary accurate…hard to believe the computer gremlins weren’t chatting with my friends and peeking in my closet.

The test reveals if you are a Builder, Director, Explorer, or Negotiator, or some combination. And Dr. Fischer, chief Scientific Advisor to also explains who makes good partners with whom, and why. More details are in her book, Why Him? Why Her? Just picked it up from the library so stay tuned.

“As the folks were figuring out what would be most helpful for their clients,” said Bela,” the idea of an online dating coach kept coming up. So they called me.”

And now as part of National Singles Week—who knew?—she’s launching, atop her personal dating coaching services, online coaching.

“But won’t that cut into your business?”

“Not at all,” she said. “It’s like personal training and gym membership. The gym membership is good and helpful, but there are always going to be people who’d like personal training. And I’m happy be able to do both.”

Bela’s first coaching tips….Pictures: Most singles want casual to see casual pictures (81%) and also a full-body picture (74%). Professional photos and hipster photos….less helpful. Outdated pictures worst of all.

Top teal breaker amongst on-line daters is the cliché, saying that “you’re not into playing games.”

I suppose she’s not referring to the games of Scrabble and Bannanagrams.

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