"Are You Busy Saturday Night?"

“My rule is no sex before the third date,” a friend said. “Some guys have a problem with that.”

Jeez…. Glad I’m not in the dating world at the moment.Saturday night dating in Chicago or New York

Many people have been asking about my Test Dater, from Smart Dating Academy. So here’s the report… “Bela put me on a ‘dating diet’. I’m supposed to contact two guys per week.” The custom-tailored reading list has included, Stop Saying I’m Fine and How to Talk to Strangers.

“Bela actually had me sign a contract not to be prejudiced about ‘the package’.” Bela Gandhi is founder and owner of Smart Dating Academy, based in Chicago…She has a bouquet of services include photo shoots, profile writing, and an amazing level of common sense.  “She also suggested that in looking at candidates in the 5-6 range…The ‘tens’…guys with huge incomes, good looking, etc. etc., get way too many hits and hard to get attention.”

And sex by the third date?  “Bela suggest four months….that would mean about two dates a week….so you’re more or less committed by that point.”

“Have had lots of first dates…one on Monday, the guy actually asked what I am on the Myers Briggs…he only likes, INTJs.” Myers-Briggs is a personality test and the guy was actually telling her he only is interested in people who fall under “introversion, intuition, thinking, judgment” category on the test….wow…seems to me like asking someone their IQ.

“Actually,” says my test dater, “I’m having a third date tonight.”

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