6 Rules: A Dating Guru’s Guide To Be Best Dressed

6 Rules: A Dating Guru’s Guide To Be Best Dressed

Bela Gandhi takes the stress out of getting dressed!

If real life dating isn't awkward enough, I have news. Online dating takes as much, if not more, preparation to make your BEST first impression! Don't freak yet! Bela Gandhi has it covered. She's like your "Dating Fairy Godmother" in a one-stop shop. We've got her dating dress DOs and DON'Ts all mapped out for you. Let's get started!

You could be setting yourself up for cyber-love failure! But don't worry, there is an emergency contact available for this very specific situation and she comes in the form of an extra-strength dating super-hero that will whip your love life into shape, if you're open to a few changes, of course. Yes, what you look like on the outside will outweigh how amazing you are on the inside if you don't dress the part. If you subscribe to the "you are what you eat," then you best believe also, "you are what you wear."


Enter Bela Gandhi, founder of the Smart Dating Academy. Her turnkey date coaching service provides busy professionals with dating coaching, image consulting, personal shopping, professional photography and online etiquette. Bela has an uncanny sixth sense about people, and both her intuition and coaching have been responsible for several marriages (and children) since 1999, so you're in good hands singles!

Bela started like any natural matchmaker, setting up her best friend! She hadn’t dated in 6 years and Bela told her to go out with one guy, “he’s going to be your husband!” Guess what? He is. This instance prompted Bela to follower her intuition and put her matchmaking skills to work full-time. Within the first six months of matchmaking adventures, she quickly figured out that her clients were solely relying on her for dates, which made her think, "What are you doing the rest of the month?" Time for online dating.

Ultimately she realized her clients needed more than an introduction to a potential partner, they needed to learn the rules of personal presentation. From online profile descriptions to pictures to dressing, Bela changed her business to being more than a matchmaker, she's also a personal image consultant leading you through the trenches of online dating and pointing out the pitfalls most singles make in presenting their best self to potential dates.

Clearly our biggest concern at Garmental is what you wear. We're not that shallow, but guess what? The rest of the world judges you on your attire and we want you to be prepared to make the best first impression possible. So, think about how you dress for a first date, grocery shopping, at the coffee shop or any other daily errand where you might bump into your future husband or wife. It's time to take the way you dress seriously and step up your garmental game!


Bella's Rules: Follow these simple steps to a perfect first impression


1) Hygiene is key - make sure your breath is fresh and minty, no nose hairs or ear hairs visible, and go LIGHT on the cologne. Just a touch

2) Never wear: Ratty band t-shirts, jeans with more stuff on the butt than hers, ill fitted clothes (too big or too small are big no-nos), a bluetooth. Check your clothes for stains before wearing them! If you're badly dressed, she'll think you're living in a fashion vacuum or just wholly unaware of current culture!

3) Women LOVE well dressed men; Smart Dating Academy's "Men's Date Uniform" = a great sport coat, pressed shirt, dark straight legged jeans, and cool belt/shoes = slam dunk EVERY TIME. If you want to go more casual, get a great cotton V neck sweater, with a collared shirt underneath, dark jeans, great shoes. These looks say "HOT", and the kind of guy I want to be seen with! Confident, stylish, powerful.


1) Leave the super low cut shirts, super high skirts and dresses, and super low jeans (where we can see your thong peeping out) at home. Can say "low-class" or "one-night stand" gal;

2) Spend some time getting ready - men want to know that you are excited about the date, and took some time getting ready. Put on some makeup; research shows that men LOVE pink and red lips, so bring out the lipsticks!!

3) The Fashion Look that Will Get Them Everytime? Feminine looks! Beautiful blouses that elegantly highlight your figure, skirts, dresses (yes, even in winter - you can throw on great tights and boots)! Men like girls who look like girls (they could bring home to their moms)! Classy and feminine = awesome!

4) Final Touches: A little perfume, hair down, and you're good to go!!!


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