5 Active Date Ideas

Summer is here, and that opens up a lot of possible creative date ideas! The team at SDA has compiled a list of five active date ideas that are sure to get hearts racing and calories burning! *wink*

1. Biking

Going biking together will make you feel like you're the star of a cute romantic movie. Cruising along on a beautiful summer day, against a scenic backdrop, with the wind blowing your hair back...anyway, you get the picture. Trust us, this will be a lot more fun than sitting on the stationary bike at the gym! Plus you can choose your terrain - beach, city, countryside,etc. Switch up the views, and re-use this date idea as many times as you please.

2. Dancing

Dancing has long been an artistic form of courtship - not to mention so fun and liberating! There are countless types of dance to choose from, if you're looking to learn something new. Try a swing dancing event at the park, or sign up for a hip hop class and unleash your wild side together. Even if you're just planning on going out for drinks, look up bars that have a dance floor!

3. Hiking

Something about enjoying nature with someone you care about can be super rejuvenating. Find a trail with a gorgeous view at the top, and take that special someone to see it. Besides giving yourself a good workout, this is your chance to unplug from the loud, persistent annoyances of daily life - you'll be away from traffic, crowds, sirens, and electronics (the best trails are those with no cell service - your Instagram post can wait), and it will be a great opportunity to converse leisurely and get to know each other better.

4. Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a great calorie-burner and defines different muscle groups all over your body! Intellectuals will especially appreciate this activity because every cranny or foothold you choose to reach for is a decision that affects your next move. Whether you go rock climbing outdoors or indoors, this is sure to be a fun active date idea that will make you both recall the jungle gyms and obstacle courses of your childhood days.

5. Paddle Boarding

You don't need a beach with huge, crashing waves to enjoy this fun water activity. Paddle boarding can be done on ocean surf as well as calm lakes and rivers. Basically, you stand up on your board and move yourself with a paddle that you alternate from side to side. This seems like a relaxing activity, but it actually gives you a full body workout! If this is your or your date's first time paddle boarding, you might have to bank on losing your balance and tipping over into the water a few times...but honestly, getting wet will make it more fun!

Exercise is actually a stimulus that makes one feel happier, so active dates are a wonderful way to create good vibes between two people. You'll both look better, feel better, and find that you are learning a lot about yourselves and each other through trying different activities. So get creative!